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Have You Ever Considered Cancer Treatment In Malaysia?

Have You Ever Considered Cancer Treatment In Malaysia?

  • May 4, 2021

Cancer Treatment In Malaysia - Gomymedic

Have You Ever Considered Cancer Treatment In Malaysia?

We recently received a case involving a stage 3 T-Cell Lymphoma Cancer patient from Morocco that found Gomymedic from friend’s thorough research. We were obviously surprised how the patient prefers and insists to come to Malaysia for his bone marrow transplant as advised by his treatment doctor the only way to increase his survival chance is by getting a bone marrow transplant.

When I received his enquiry, I was quite hesitating first reason was oncology or cancer treatment is not one of our main services stated in Gomymedic and secondly while we are not open to any international travellers due to the close of borders of the pandemic; there may have a lot of uncertainties lying ahead for us as well as the patient both physically and emotionally prepare for the trip. However, a month later, the patient contacted again and seriously wanted to seek medical treatment here in Malaysia and hence we commenced our treatment option plan for him and finally he was admitted to Sunway Medical Centre for his transplant last weekend.

We assisted the patient to liaise with the hospital’s international patient centre and arranged all the necessary medical reports including the travel visa documentation and after a long process of lengthy waiting, flight tickets were booked and visa was granted and both patient and a medical companion were so excited and grateful to be able to be treated in one of the most established cancer treatment hospitals in Malaysia.

Cancer has become a very common medical condition that can happen to many people in a short period of time these days. It does not discriminate any age, gender or even social status. The development of cancer cells was due to the abnormal growth of the normal cells in our body in any organs. Common cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer which affect many adults globally. Many believe that cancer is very much influenced and caused by the unhealthy lifestyle of the patient such as overconsumption of alcohol, smoking, obesity or even the misuse of other drugs.  Whilst some factors are related to the external where long-period exposure of other chemical-related substances or the high radiofrequency or radio-active environment either at workplace or living environment. The normal treatment for cancer is through surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or the latest development of immunology or hormone therapy including stem cell transplant.

Gamma Knife - Gomymedic
Gamma Knife – Image Extracted from SunMed Website
Da Vinci Surgical System - Gomymedic
Da Vinci Surgical System – Image Extracted from SunMed Website

Thanks to the advanced technology today, there is much state-of-the-art technology with computer aid or AI that have been applied in today’s treatment for any medical conditions including cancer. For example, the Gamma Knife and Da Vinci Surgical System that used in the majority of Malaysia private hospitals are more targeted to the cancer cells in our body by reducing the exposure of radioactive to other healthy cells surrounding without compromising the effectiveness of destroying the cancer cells. With the small doses of the radioactive through the beam light, patient no longer feels the pain of conventional surgery as the technology of the machines used is less invasive compared with previous surgery methods.


Variant TruBeam STx - Gomymedic
Variant TrueBeam STx – Image Extracted from SunMed Website

At Sunway Medical Centre, the Cancer & Radiology Centre which is one of the Centres of Excellence of the multi-disciplinary tertiary hospital, Radixact-X9 Tomotherapy is used to accurately measure and kills the tumours of the body with extra precision with short treatment time. Patient does not need to stay in the ward but just as an outpatient to be treated with a more efficient treatment plan while maintaining their normal lifestyle too. This kind of treatment would be beneficial to the patient as well as the family members as well with less stress and well-being when seeking cancer treatment.

Normally, the diagnosis of the cancer patient at the preliminary stage is critical in order for the surgeon or oncologist to assess and determine the best treatment plan for a cancer patient. At SunMed, most of the imaging machines used are 3D or even 4D which will produce a high-quality image or images that can provide the real condition of the organ of patient’s to enable them to make the right judgement. PET/CT and SPECT-CT are commonly used to diagnose the medical conditions of the patient with more accurate analysis report that assist in giving the appropriate treatment in a short period of time ie within 2-3 hours.

All the panel hospitals of Gomymedic’s cancer centre and oncology department are equipped with modern technology with experienced consultants. In order to provide the best outcomes for the patient, a consultation will be carried out with patient and patient’s companion to give the best treatment plan, opinion and medical costs involved before treatment commenced. A multi-discipline consultant team will be set up including a medical oncologist, clinical oncologist, pathologist, dietician, psychologist and physiologist will be formed to be ready to monitor and administer each cancer patient. With the in-house facility in laboratory, diagnosis and imaging centre as well as a specific cancer treatment clinic ie nuclear medicine centre where all the latest imagine and diagnosis facilities can be found with all the medicine technical experts.

We are so proud of the great achievement and milestone that all our panel hospitals in last year Global Health Awards where SunMed just won the Global Health Awards’s Asia Pacific Oncology (Radiation) Service Provider of Year 2020 together as the Hospital of The Year under Asia Pacific Medical Tourism in Year 2020.



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