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Back in 1996, Malaysia Healthcare System already achieved capacity to provide 93% of country’s population within a 5km radius
Up to date, we have public hospitals and 245 private hospital that meet the global standard of healthcare, acknowledged by JCI, MSQH, RTAC and equipped with ISQA accreditation
In 2020, Malaysia has attained the position as Top Asian Country for Retirement & Healthcare by International Living
We have emerged as one of the Top 10 Wellness Destination by MATTA in 2020
In 2018, Malaysia was voted the World’s Top Healthcare Travel Destination by Volume by The Global Market Report by LangBuisson
Recognized as Best Country in the World for Healthcare for an impressive 5 years in a roll for 2015-2019 by International Living
Rated by International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) as Destination of The Year from 2015-2017
Recognised as Global Halal Hub – use procine-free medical products with seamess end-to-end services

Source of Information:
Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

Why Malaysia?

Very often when we were looking for overseas medical treatment, our first thought would be going to India for very economy heart surgery or Thailand for a cosmetic surgery. However, now you can fly to Malaysia for your instant fix of dentistry or a hip replacement if you can stay longer in one of our very popular and getting popular medical tourism destination Malaysia. Our top medical tourism cities are our centrally located capital city Kuala Lumpur and our northern City of Pearl Penang which have attracted hundred of thousands international patient visit annually not because of the beautiful of rich Asian cultures and foods but also for its advanced medical healthcare technology and professionals.

Why I started GoMyMedic?

Hi I am Nik, the founder of Gomymedic! After been travelling for more than a decade and spent most of my life in foreign countries as an individual freelancer, I decided to return to my homeland Malaysia and exploring the opportunity to assist other treveller like me in particular medical traveller who is not familiar with our country Malaysia right from the moment they stepped down from the cabin! Hence Gomymedic was created as a platform to facilitate all your needs as an international patient for searching of the right medical centre to flight and accommodation bookings as well as the ground transport service. Once you have decided what to do and where to go then perhaps you can take this opportunity to explore more about some of the tourist spots in Malaysia or nearby areas of where you stay. Of course you can get another domestic air ticket and fly to Sabah and immerse yourselves in the natural Spa at the Kota Kinabalu if you would like to give yourselves a good treat with your loved ones.

Meaning Behind Our GoMyMedic Logo

There are few elements that are blended into our GoMymedic or GMM logo when Nik first came across to the design of the logo. In order to be well represented as a True Malaysian, obviously we can’t eliminate our Malaysia Flag colour which are blue and red, hence our main theme colours are based on these two blue and red also referring to Red for Medical Services and Blue for Holidaying under the blue sky of Tropical country Malaysia. Then we have to integrate the element of Medical tourism hence the shape of the “capsule” is developed with the plane ready to taking off. Element of true medical service and support also can be found with the “red cross” sign in GMM. Finally the GoMymedic which means Go to Malaysia for Medical Service where MY can be interpreted as “MY” unique self or a short abbreviation of Malaysia as a country for all Malaysian. And you can’t go wrong by choosing GoMymedic as you actually “go for more” in term of your freedom to choose and empowerment to deserve more by travelling to Malaysia as your medical destination with more value added to your holiday here!

What makes GoMyMedic different from others?

On Gomymedic platform, you can explore all the necessary information which are relevant for your medical treatment in Malaysia as well as any other enquiry you have in relation to your travel to this new medical destination in Asian Region. We are here to assist and provide you the necessary supports that you need as we know what you need here as a traveller especially an international patient traveller as we understand your hassles and worries of making such a decision of going abroad for your medical treatment. We are here to reduce most of your worries and make your trip here in Malaysia a fulfilling and value for money for the right decision you have made.

what we do is to put YOU first!

We Connect You to the Right Hospital/Clinic

Based on what you need and what suits you the best based on your budget as we are transparent! You pay the same to the medical provider with or without us but we make your decision making process faster!

You Find All the Information Here

Either the medical professional or your tour guide for your stay in Malaysia. You can book your flight, accommodation, ground transport and knowing what to prepare for your trip here with your own choice as you get what you see without any hidden cost!

You Got Your Choice of Who To Choose

Everything we provide here is the direct offer from our service provider as we are just connecting you to the right place. This is what we do and what we are passionate about to bring you a good experience of visiting Malaysia as your first and next medical destination too!

We Are Engaging with You for Long Term

Our relationship starts from here and will be going on to the next level as we prefer a pleasant and memorable kind of relationship rather than come and go short term engagement!

Facts About Malaysia Healthcare

Apart from the world class state of art medical facilities and well trained medical professional, Malaysia has recognised and accredited as one of the Most Afforable Healthcare Country gloabally among other well-known countries such as India, Mexico and Costa Rica. Patient saves about 60% – 80% in average compared with a similar medical traetment in United States compared with our counterparts in Southeast Asian region such as Singapore and Thailand as shown in the chart below:

Malaysia Healthcare’s Promise: Delivering Trust Through Shared Value

Trust remains integral when deciding on healthcare matters, even more so in the context of seeking treatment across borders. Trust is one of the key factors channeled through Malaysia Healthcare’s holistic end-to-end healthcare travel service offering. The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH) enforces strict regulations on all healthcare professionals and facilities, to ensure that the highest standards of quality and health are upheld, benchmarked against the most exacting standards in the world, creating a safe and trustworthy system. Fees for healthcare treatments are also stringently regulated by the MoH, which ensures that the cost of healthcare are consistently kept realistic and affordable, whilst still guaranteeing that the highest of quality care is delivered to all patients, local or international.

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