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Fertility Treatment In Malaysia Is Booming

Fertility Treatment In Malaysia Is Booming

  • October 22, 2020


Malaysia First IVF Baby

Malaysia’s first IVF baby was born 24 years ago at TMC Fertility Centre and since then we have achieved many milestones including the Highest Records of IVF babies in a year. We are expected to receive 20,000 IVF cycles this year unfortunately it was badly impacted by the closure of international borders due to Covid-19. However, we had a track steady record of more than 12,000 IVF cycles since year 2015 from international especially Indonesia and China.

Infertility Is Common 

Many couples are facing infertility with an average of 10% – 15%. This benchmark is taken when the woman failed to conceive after more than 6 months with regular pregnancy efforts. Issues of infertility can be the problem of low sperm production of the male partner or fallopian blockage of the woman with many other factors where one of them would be the underlying stressful lifestyle of modern living. This is particular common in many countries with high living standard but with low fertility such as Japan and Singapore.

IVF Treatment in Malaysia

The most common treatments of fertility in Malaysia are Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization or commonly known as IVF. Method of treatment varies for individual infertility cause especially the level of age of the female in general. Fertility level drops significantly with the increased age with 86% successful rate for young couples age in mid-20s to 5% of success rate for couples with above 45 years old. The majority of the IVF treatment is sought by couples in their mid-30s as it is common for many to get married after 30s these days.

High Fertility Success Rates

We have a success rate of more than 60% on average with our fertility treatment and therefore we are aiming to be the Asia’s Fertility Hub in year 2020. This was the goal set by Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council in the year 2018 when we achieved tremendous results in the Medical & Health Awards as one of the preferred destination for IVF treatment in the region.

Our Partner Hospitals And Cost of IVF Treatment

Sunway Fertility Centre just been awarded as the Best Fertility Centre in the recent IMTJ’s award with their prestigious standard and level of service in fertility treatment. Together we have TMC Fertility Centre which is renown for its significant role in the IVF treatment as one of the most established centre in the region since 1990s. Penang Island Hospital also held a steady record of high success rates with their fertility treatment as our Northen Malaysia’s fertility clinic with high-quality service and professional medical consultants and embryologists. The normal cost for fertility ranged from RM2,500 to RM20,000 depending on each individual and the risk factors which is very much associated with the age of the female.


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