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Latest Development of Gomymedic and Health Travel In Malaysia

Latest Development of Gomymedic and Health Travel In Malaysia

  • April 1, 2021

Gomymedic - Latest Development

Latest Development of Gomymedic And Health Travel In Malaysia

It is already the 1st day of April 2021 with first quarter of year 2021 gone from our fingertips. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard and affected most of our lives for more than a year now since early last year. Many of our normal activities have halted and many of our normal routines have changed due to the movement restriction imposed by the authority under the guidelines of World Health Organization globally in order to control the coronavirus.

The most affected one is surely the international travel ban that still in place at this stage to restrict the risk of spreading of the coronavirus even though with the rollout of the vaccines in December 2020. The good sign is we have seen the lowered of the daily new covid-19 cases in many countries since the introduction of the immunization programme that works around the clock by the healthcare frontliners to ensure the complete herd immunization can be achieved by the end of this year as scheduled.

Back here in Malaysia, since the commencement of the National Immunization Programme that took place in February 2021, we have indeed achieved very encouraging progress with the participation of both government hospitals and private hospitals recently to assist and accelerate the vaccination to the general community. The high-risk group people were the first group who accepted the vaccine by people who are above 60 years old and with some lifestyle diseases that are vulnerable to the virus attack. The government will soon continue with the third category of people after completing the second group of people from the frontliners of government service and healthcare services. In view of this the Malaysian government is working closely with the relevant industry departments and agencies to progressively open to business for the essential economic activities including our medical tourism for our overseas patients that are desperately seeking medical treatment especially after a long-waited period of the pandemic travel ban.

The latest guidelines provided by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) under the Ministry of Health has revealed the following guidelines and procedures with strict SOPs to be complied by our overseas patients as follows:

  • Application of medical travel needs to be processed and approved by MHTC before traveling by the hospital
  • Acceptance and admission of the patient must be confirmed by the member hospital of MHTC for compliance purposes
  • Only selected procedures and treatments can be accepted at this stage prior to the full lifting of the international travel ban of the Malaysian government
  • A maximum of two companions is allowed for the patient with all SOPs to be complied
  • PCR Covid-19 Test must be conducted not more than 3 days before departure
  • A compulsory quarantine of 7 days has to be commenced at the destinated hospital
  • All other documents such as visa application and proof of relationship of the travel companion have to be prepared prior the departure

Such new travel guidance by the MHTC has brought a lot of hope with the positive reaction of our overseas patients as well as our medical providers who are now prepared to receive and welcome our guests that been long waited. However, due to the underlying situation of the movement control of Malaysia and internationally, all international travellers including medical travellers are strongly advised to consult their respective travel facilitator or MHTC directly before entering.

As for Gomymedic, we are now looking for expansion to invite more service providers onboard especially those operators in the health and wellness sectors as part of our programme to provide more options to our valued travellers. All our partner hospitals ie Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity, Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara and Penang Island Hospital are privileged members of MHTC with all the accreditation and quality assurance in clinical and medical healthcare standards and compliances.

At the same time, we are planning to cater for more services in terms of how we can connect you more with your travel here in Malaysia while seeking for both medical and holiday purposes. As always we are here to help you and connect with you for your stay here in Malaysia. Let’s make a memorable experience here in Malaysia and Go For More with Gomymedic. Stay tuned for more of our exciting news and updates on our social media. Finally we hope for the best in this new month of April while we are progressing to the second quarter of the year or spring or autumn in other parts of the globe while here in Malaysia indicates the end of our Monson season and now is the most pleasant weather of the year with normal rain and sun plus our king of the fruit ie durian season,…just can’t resist the temptation of my favourite fruit 😉

Stay Safe And Be Healthy All The Times!

By Nik – GMM

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